Q. When can I pick up my purchase?

A. Thank you for your purchase! :) Our designated porch pick-up days are Friday-Sunday 10am-5pm. After checkout, you can select your pickup day and will receive address & instructions. 

If you cannot make any of those days/times or need your items sooner, please send us an email or Instagram DM and we can schedule a time that works for you.

Email: HighlandHomeShop@gmail.com
Instagram DM: @HighlandHomeShop


Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located in Fairfax, Virginia, near the Mosaic District in Merrifield. You'll see pickup location & instructions at checkout, and via email when your order is ready for pickup! 


Q. Do you ship? 

A. We do not ship at this time. All items are for local pick-up only. Sorry to our out-of-towners! 


Q. Why can I only pick up on Friday-Sunday? 

A. The shop is a side-hustle for us at the moment as we navigate Covid. This allows us to focus on our other work the rest of the week and prepare the next batch of items for the shop.

However, if the days do not work for you or you need your items sooner, please send us an email or DM us and we can schedule a time that works for you.

Email: HighlandHomeShop@gmail.com
Instagram DM: @HighlandHomeShop




Q. Where do you find & source your items? 

A. All over the DMV from estate sales, thrift stores, and auctions! 


Q. Are my items cleaned? 

A. Yes! We wipe down & sanitize every item when we photograph them AND when we get it ready for pick up. 

If you are purchasing clothing from our Poshmark closet, every item has been washed, steamed to kill any germs/bacteria or dry-cleaned. If the piece is "New with Tags", we will note that it has not been cleaned. 


Q. Are you following Covid protocols?

A. To the best of our abilities! When we package your item for pick-up, we'll give it a final wipe-down & cleaning with masks & gloves on. Our porch pick-ups will be contactless, unless you're picking up large furniture pieces that require more coordination. 


Q. Why does my packaging look like this? 

A. We're re-using packaging material so that we can reduce waste and be environmentally conscious. That means you may get your item in an old Amazon box or two! No matter what your packaging looks like, we make sure your items are safe inside. 


Q. Why do my items have spots or is tarnished? 

A. Please keep in mind that all items are pre-owned & pre-loved, and some can be older than 10-20 years old. This means they will show signs of wear and use. Perhaps we're being romantic, but we believe this only adds to their character & makes them special for all their lived experiences.

We do our best to show & communicate any visible signs of wear such as missing pieces, tears, holes or scratches, etc. We also do our best to choose items for the shop that are in good shape & quality. 


Q. Can I get a refund/exchange? 

A. All sales are final and we do not do returns, exchanges or refunds. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase, please send us a note via email or DM and we will find a solution together! 


Q. So, who are you? 

A. Just a gal living in Fairfax, making it through the winter!

When I say "we", it's really just "me". I'm a photographer/videographer, who like many other freelancers navigating Covid, have had to get creative with income this year.  When I moved into this crazy little home in the winter of 2019 on a shoestring budget, my love affair with thrifting began. 

I'm happy to experience the THRILL (Yes, all caps. The thrill is so real) of treasure hunting on a regular basis for this shop. It's been incredibly rewarding to experiment and be creative in a different way, and it has brought a lot of joy & sunshine into this season. 

I hope each little treasure brings a little joy into your home, too! 


Lastly, a love note: 

Thank you for your support!

As Covid has put a lot of us through the wringer this year, your purchase quite literally helps us pay our bills, get groceries and make it through the winter. Big hugs to each & every one of you.